The finishing touch to a well-manicured Colorado lawn

A freshly mowed lawn isn’t done until you’ve trimmed away the shaggy, overgrown spots along fences, trees, shrubs, rocks and flower beds.

The string trimmer, a popular handheld outdoor power tool allows you to finish the job right and turn your lawn into a masterpiece.

To keep your trimmer running well, replace the string  once or twice per year, depending on your usage. Study your manufacturer’s owner’s manual in detail. In general, you should find that replacing the line/string is easy.

It is important to purchase a replacement line with the correct diameter size, which varies from 0.065 to .125 inches. Follow the manufacturer’s listed requirements.

There also are many different variations in shapes for each size of line. Line with a three, four or six-sided profile provides a faster, cleaner and noticably more professional cut than the standard round shape.

Cheap line breaks easily and could leave you with scattered fragments of plastic throughout your yard. Look for tougher, more durable line.

Keep in mind, string trimmers can be dangerous. Pebbles, dust and debris can be catapulted at surprising distances so protective eyewear is wise. Also, warn bystanders, especially children and pets, to stay a great distance away while the trimmer is in use.

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