Winter Color

26 Years Experience

Keep your Denver winter landscape bright with evergreens and colorful shrubs. Bright red or yellow bark of many shrub varieties can add a dramatic punch to a snowy landscape. Ornamental grasses bring winter texture left un-sheared, seasonal berries color the shrubs, trees are chosen for their bark, and shrubs for their branch structure.

Outdoor Lights – Holiday and Landscape

Holiday lights are a delightful way to add winter color. This can be an overwhelming task. Contact us for your Holiday lighting design and installation! The easiest approach to colorful winter containers is to fill them with pansies. These perennials will greet you with blooms all throughout the autumn months until they are blanketed with snow. After a weeks of hiding under the snow, their blooms will reappear to show off their full color well until early spring.

Generally and based on moisture levels, you only have to water these low-maintenance plants every other week.Don’t let your outdoor containers go to waste. Creating beautiful winter containers is easy, even if you don’t have much time to spend in your garden.

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