Winter Clean Up!

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6 Reasons You Should Not Wait Until Spring For Yard Cleanup

Tuesday, July 7 2015

Don’t Leave Your Yard Cleanup Until Spring!

  • Enjoy a clean yard all winter, and less clean up in the spring.
  • It’s best to rake up leaves and needles before they freeze to the ground, and prevent moisture from getting to the plants that need it.
  • Lawn areas will do better as they will get more sunlight which prevents diseases or fungus that can occur if leaves are left on the turf areas.
  • You need to have adequate mulch coverage in your planting beds to help insulate plant material.
  • Young trees need to be wrapped to prevent sun scald.
  • Tree limbs should be trimmed to prevent breakage of limbs in heavy snows.

Don’t spend your winter looking at an unkempt yard. Take care of your trees, bushes and lawn – your landscape is an investment in your home!

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