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Patio Ideas For Your Denver Home

Friday, July 31 2015

A patio is a permanent structure that usually has stone, pavers or concrete for a smooth surface. A great patio design will extend your home living space and allow you to enjoy the outdoors in all the Colorado seasons.

As your landscape designer, it is our job to contact the local building department in your Denver area to find out what the building codes, zoning and setbacks from the property lines are in your location.

Consider adding a seating wall along the edge of your patio. It takes the place of furniture that’s put away for the winter. A patio seating wall can provide additional areas for guests to sit, place a drink or a plate of food.

Patios are ideal for landscaping with container plantings. They are easy to maintain and you can change out the plants for to extend the bloom time from spring well into the fall. Strategically placed containers can also be used to delineate the different areas on your patio. Large containers that can accommodate a small tree can help enclose the space and create screening for privacy.

After your patio is installed, you’ll want to make it comfortable. Create an outdoor living space with plenty of cushy seating, separate areas for dining, a place for quiet conversation, a spot for cooking and an area for relaxing in a chair with a book.

You might want to bring your decorating style from the inside of your home to your outdoor living space by repeating colors and furniture styles.

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