Landscape and Hardscape Create A Unique Look

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Landscape and Hardscape Create A Unique Look

Friday, July 31 2015

Your home landscape includes the visible and living features of your property. This includes flowers, grasses, bushes, trees, anything growing outside of your home. Additionally, the non-living elements of your exterior design are called hardscape. Hardscape includes the non-living and man-made features of an outdoor space such as stone patios, pavers, garden beds, pergolas, lighting and more. As as established and award winning Denver landscape company, let us help you design and install your outdoor space.

Hardscape complements landscape choices. Our landscape designers will help make your vision a reality while considering the practical elements of hardscape. Adding pavers to a backyard full of beautiful grass helps break up the monotony, saves water and is functional as well. If you don’t have a vision for your space, we can do the creative work for you.

Landscape and hardscape create a unique look for your home outdoor spaces. Let your mind explore the possibilities, and let Landscape Connection bring your vision to life.

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