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Small Yard & Small Garden Landscaping Ideas

Sunday, October 13 2019

You’ve found the perfect home, but there’s one tiny catch — the backyard is a lot smaller than you had hoped or wanted. Alternately, maybe you’re renting a place that has a small yard or patio area that you’re looking to brighten up a bit. Whatever your situation is, you can still make your yard space the oasis of your dreams, even if it is incredibly small.

The keys to creating a functioning, beautiful space are: defining your vision (knowing exactly what you want), planning, and creativity. Do you plan on having parties there? Do you want a quiet place to escape the day and unwind? Is your dream to have a lush garden? Do you just want something pretty and vibrant to look at through your windows? No matter what your desire is, you can still find ways to make it all work for you.

Scale for size.

Just because your yard is small, doesn’t mean you can’t create a wonderful outdoor kitchen or entertaining space. Invest in smaller appliances and furniture pieces that will allow you to still create that cozy fire-pit or outdoor eating area, without taking up the entire yard. This will allow you to include other environments and elements that will make the area perfect, without making it feel cramped and cluttered.

Have some definition.

Even if you only have one specific area in your yard, creating defined spaces can give a finished, pulled together feel that can provide a sense of fun, relaxation, and ease for both you and your guests.

There are many ways you can create definition and separate areas. You can use gravel, bricks, or stone to create pathways and patio areas or arrange furniture to create clearly defined sections of a specific space. The only limits are your creativity and space!

Think Vertically.

When you can’t go out, it’s time to go up! Using your vertical spaces to your advantage will help you get the most function out of your yard, while also giving the eye focal points that will help your area seem larger.

Using vertical vines for example, can give a tiny space the feel of a lush garden, while still saving space. They can also be used to help break up and define your individual spaces! Going vertical is also a great way to add a garden to your small space. Creating hanging pots and making planters that can hang on your wall are a great way to maximize your space while still allowing you room to do other things in your yard.

Creating raised and tiered planter beds are also a great way to get the most out of your planting area. Not only are they easier to access, but they give you the space to grow a wide variety of flowers, bushes, trees, and fruits or vegetables without taking up large sections of your yard to do it in.

Get creative!

Along with making the most of your vertical space, don’t be afraid to get creative in other areas of your backyard. Use unusual planters to grow flowers in — for example, say you have a bird bath you don’t use and don’t want to move. This would make the perfect place to grow flowers or a small herb garden!

Repurpose old pallets to make tables or shelves. Use cinder blocks to make creative benches or tables, and grow small plants or herbs in the holes you don’t use. Dress up antique mirrors and hang them as a way to visually enlarge your space. Use furniture and items that serve more than one function or fold up out of your way, such as rolling carts or Murphy tables or bars, for example.

Don’t be afraid to keep your garden mobile, either. Terra-cotta pots, for example, are beautiful, versatile, and perfect for all of your small planting needs. Keeping your plants in pots can allow you a freedom to rearrange your yard as you need or see fit, which you may not have if you create beds in your soil. It’s also ideal for temporary arrangements such as renting or remodeling. Throwing a party and more people show up than you planned? Simply move the pots about and there you go!

Keep it simple!

Most importantly, no matter what your space is, keep it simple. Don’t over-clutter with decorations, don’t create too many focal points, and use items that have function as well as aesthetics. Using items that have more than one function is even better. Remember, your space is tiny. You don’t want to overwhelm it, your guests, or yourself with too much activity. You also want to be able to move around comfortably, otherwise what’s the point of creating an outdoor space to begin with?

No matter what your project is, we’re here for all your questions, ideas, and landscaping needs! Contact us today 303.791.3060 and let’s see what we can get started!

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