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Setting the Stage for the Perfect Summer Barbecue

Wednesday, July 19 2017

Summertime in Colorado means one thing to a lot of people: it’s time to start barbecuing. While nobody would complain about a free burger or hotdog, you can take your barbecues to the next level and awe all your friends just by setting up your yard and patio the right way.


First, let’s talk about your yard. To really blow your guests away make sure your yard is party ready. A green yard, beautiful flowers, bushes and trees all come together to make the perfect entertainment environment. There are a few easy ways to spruce up your yard to create a party-friendly landscape. Add pots of flowers on your patio to get more color.

Before your guests arrive, make sure your grass is freshly mowed. No one wants itchy ankles from an overgrown lawn! Simply rake up twigs, leaves, and any other debris. And don’t forget to hose off furniture, decks, and siding with plenty of time to let it dry off.

Leaf blowers are also an effective, time-saving way to make sure your patio and yard are looking their best pre-party.


Of course, this one’s a no brainer, but you’ll need enough seating for all of your guests. Not just at your tables, though! Adding lots of extra seating around the entire patio and yard areas gives your guests plenty of room to spread out as they wish and feel comfortable, whether they want to be in the middle of the action or pop away for a minute to cool down. Some key areas to include seating include:

  • The dining area
  • Around the fire pit
  • At the bar
  • At your outdoor kitchen or near the grill
  • Against the side of the house
  • In the lawn
  • Near water features
  • Under shade structures


Everyone knows you’ll need good lighting, but if you take the time to plan where your lights go, you can create the perfect ambiance. You’ll want to maintain a decent level of lighting throughout the entire guest area, but a couple other points around your yard/patio should get some special attention. As a rule of thumb, places where people will be gathering or working, your grill, bar, and dining area, will look best with overhead lighting. However, focal points like a fountain, sculpture, other work of art, or rock formations, look amazingly bold when lit from below.

To put the finishing touch on your lighting, try placing mosquito torches around the perimeter of the area you want to use. They’ll serve double duty by establishing boundaries for your guests while also helping repel mosquitos and other pests which can put a damper on your festivities.


As you place your perimeter lights, try to keep your grill and bar right in the middle. Not only are you the star of the show tonight and deserve to be the center of attention, but it also helps create an amazing atmosphere. No matter where they go, your guests won’t be able to escape the smell of food cooking, helping them get ready for the feast you’re preparing. The smell and bar also have an effect of keeping everybody close which can keep the overall energy and mood of your gathering lively.

There you have it, some simple improvements you can make before your next backyard BBQ. Now all you need are guests, games, and some music and your BBQ is sure to be a favorite summertime destination. For more ideas, tips, and tricks to make your outdoor living spaces really pop, visit our gallery or contact us to find out how you can love the land you live on even more!

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