A Guide To Keep Your Landscaping Looking Good All Year

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WINTER INTEREST IN THE LANDSCAPE: A Guide To Keep Your Landscaping Looking Good All Year

Thursday, January 28 2016

Colorado landscapes are dormant 4-5 months out of the year, which begs the question, how do you make landscapes look good in the winter months?

There are a few key components to a good looking winter landscape. The first thing would be to keep a tidy yard. This would include cleaning up all leaves and needles that have fallen from the trees and shrubs, and to trim back all perennials and shrubs that are out of control from the growing season. However, leave up ones that create interest in the fall and winter months, such as Ornamental Grasses and Red Twig Dogwoods. This leads us into the next component which is to include plants and landscape elements that shine in the winter months such as the use of Evergreens, boulders, bird baths, lighting and water.

As I look at my own backyard landscape covered in snow, a few plants stand out while others are laying low. In the backdrop is a ‘Baby Blue Eyes’ Spruce (Picea ‘Baby Blue Eyes’) that creates a focal point in the landscape with its rich blue hue and unique shape. Ornamental grasses, such as Maiden Grasses and Feather Reed’s, are still looking great as their plumes are hardened and give a vertical interest in the landscape. The Red Twig Dogwood, a perennial favorite in the winter, with its show red twigs bring instant color to any landscape. A plant that showcases in late summer can also bring winter highlights to your yard, such as the ‘Pinky Winky’ Hydrangea. A few evergreen touches that round out my backyard are a ‘R.H. Montgomery’ Blue Spruce, a dwarf spruce in a shrub form and a ‘Mops’ Mugo Pine. The ‘R.H. Montgomery’ Spruce, is a favorite pudgy evergreen shrub of mine as it continues the light blue color in the landscape. The ‘Mops’ Mugo Pine, adds a rich green color for additional contrast.

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