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Fall Planting for Denver Landscape Spring Color

Wednesday, July 8 2015

Now’s the time to be planning your Denver landscape for next year – it will bring springtime joys.

Fall is the time to get your spring bulbs planted. Don’t be intimidated by the planting of them. Dig a hole 6″ deep, do a cluster of 10 or 12 bulbs in the hole, bury them and call it a day. The splashes of color in the spring will make a statement to your yard. If you really don’t like doing this task, give us a call.Denver Landscape Design Firm blog about plating fall bulbs

Try to avoid planting your spring bulbs too far apart. Go overboard! They have such a short life that you want them to celebrate spring in the Rockies!

Good bulbs for the Denver Metro area:
  • tulips
  • daffodils (deer proof)
  • iris
  • crocus
  • hyacinth
  • allium (deer proof)

Don’t have the time (or desire!) to plant fall bulbs? Want a landscape design for your bulb planting? Give us a call!

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